Hiring portal

Our hiring programs guarantee that you will be at the top of the selection list of our employers as you will have the highest chance to be picked, but Inceptum doesn’t guarantee 100% hiring.

You will be able to start your preparation journey and your profile will be available for the employer that you chose, all the progress that you will make will be visible to the employer and once you are ready, the employer can call you for an internship or a job.

Yes, you can work on as many jobs as you can, but the advice of our team is to focus on at maximum two jobs at the same time.

Inceptum is currently working on a project to help you get your certificates counted, once its ready it will be announced through our official social media accounts.

Student activity program

Inceptum opens the submission for student activities every Q2 and Q3 of each year, the announcements will be on our social media accounts.

Inceptum will provide special discounts for trainings, free workshops, and free tickets for several events from our partners.

You will get a certificate for your participation in our student activities and you will have an amazing experience creating, planning, and organizing our events.

Your university will have an access to our hiring portal with all its benefits, Inceptum will create several events inside the campus from competitions to talks and even entertainment events.

Our student activity program targets in the first place to build the character and soft skills of the students.