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About Inceptum

Our platform is created to change the hiring process and make it as efficient and as time-saving as possible for both sides (undergraduates / fresh graduates) on  a side and employers on the other side.

Our brand is established as a student activity in AAST Smart Village campus in 2021 and then we had the vision to extend our services to more universities and around all of Egypt.

Our platform have its unique process by starting from the needs of the employers and then create a road map that will make our job seekers the best fit for the companies need.

We are more than just a hiring platform, Inceptum took on its shoulders to organize and optimize the hiring process and we give a very powerful tool for employers to control the skills of the upcoming generations based on their own needs and for our young leaders, we give them a road map that will guide them to reach the job of their dreams. 

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